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Meet the Artist

Hello, my name is Sarah Hildebrandt, owner and artist of Claybrary Ceramics. I’ve had this overwhelming drive to create all my life! For the past 7 years I have been working, studying, and pursuing the art of making ceramics. I began learning ceramics when I was 15 and completely fell in love with it! The feel of clay and the idea of making something beautiful out of a lump of clay from the earth was, and continues to mesmerize me. I’m immensely blessed to be able to persue my unique and sometimes all enveloping art full time.

My first teacher and mentor, Albert Goldrich, is a South African ceramicist whose studio in Sugar Land, TX, held many hours of pure joy for me. I learned so much from him through a season of apprenticeship. Albert graciously introduced me to many potters who continue to build on the outstanding foundation I was given by Albert. I’ve learned much from V-Chin, Bridget Hauser, Antoinette Badenhorst, Denise Greenwood-Loveless, Randy Brodnax, Kim Owens, and so many others. I’ve taken online workshops and classes from Matthew Katz, Antoinette Badenhorst, and others. I’ve also attended countless clay shows and sat in on as many demos as humanly possible. When I go on vacation, I look up potters around the area to visit and learn from, because everyone has something they can teach someone else. I frequently turn to YouTube and social media for valuable information to further my knowledge of how to best take on this immense world of art and business.

My home studio sits on 5 1/2 acres in Texas, where as the saying goes “the magic happens”.  A potter's wheel, slab roller, wedging table, pugmill, several kilns, and anything else I might find useful to make pieces with can be found in my studio. I enjoy the view from my windows while working, watching the birds and other creatures play and bask in our crazy Texas weather. I enjoy taking my work outside to join them every so often. They are a consistent reminder of what a beautiful world we live in. It is an extraordinary space where creativity flows!

I find my inspiration everywhere in life whether it be in nature, fabrics, architecture, food, culture, animals, on walks/hikes or even simply walking from the grocery store to the car. I also draw ideas from everyday life, people watching, and contemplating what would be useful in the kitchen, at the table, or to brighten up our day at work or home. I sincerely hope that my purchased functional wares become well loved, useful vessels. I desire my sculptural work to add something special to your home or office, reflecting your individuality. 

In every one of my pieces of pottery, I strive for excellence and uniqueness. No two pieces are identical, but like siblings they are sometimes closely related. I work to achieve texture, color, comfort and imagination in every piece my hands make. I love exploring organic forms, allowing my art to reflect nature. With some of my work, I thoroughly enjoy getting those modern structural lines that come from some architectural designs. Then there are those whimsical creatures, who seem to call me to make them appear in clay form on a vase, mug, bowl, perched on an actual piece of rock or crystal cluster. They intrigued me to no end, even though you won’t see a dragon or unicorn out in the wild, they really push the imagination to see new personalities and stories in each critter.

My message: To bring glory and praise to the One who gave me this gift and drive to create from His beautiful creation and to encourage others in the knowledge of Him. My goal is to have my work, thus a part of my story in your home and to further enhance your narrative and life. When you buy a piece of my work or anything from a creative small business, you are investing in a dream becoming a reality. If you wish to follow my journey more closely, I’d encouraged you to look me up on Instagram @claybraryceramics and follow along as I share the hills & valleys of my endeavors in ceramics.


Thank you for following along as my adventures on this big planet unfolds!

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