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Ready, set, go!

This is called slam wedging

when you cut the clay in half and throw it down on a hard sturdy surface to get all the air bubbles out. There are several way of wedging but this is my preferred way. Hey plus a great way to release some aggression.

Good cylinders are helpful for beginners to learn and a must for seasoned potters to keep up our 

throwing techniques. You can make and do so many things with the base of a simple well thrown cylinder.

Swirl Tumblers might just be my favorite drinking vessels to make.

They are comforting to hold & look somewhat like twisted fabric or silk. Each glass is unique due to the altering process, there is no way to have two with the exact same folds.

These are small swirl cups so fun to make, hold and drink out of.

To make a glaze from scratch you measure each ingredient & a triple beam balance is a very useful tool. After I measure out each material it's time to add distilled water and mix, mix, mix!


Here is a white/cream glossy glaze being 

sieved. The goal: no clumps of glaze material left undissolved.

Glaze washes are a fantastic way to shade or highlight texture on pottery whether it is a carved surface or under & around added decorations 
on a piece.

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